Gallery of Cleo Pics

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Here are a ton of pics of Cleo doing dog things. Taken from late 2012 to Feb 2014.

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Winter Things

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Big Dog

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Cleo has grown quite a bit in the past year. Here are a couple pics of her on the same rock taken about one year [...]

Cleo – June 2012

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Cleo's first birthday was last month. She seems to be mellowing a little though still suffers puppy-brain, which is expected. She probably weighs around 75-80 [...]

Portraits of Cleo

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Here are four versions of the same pic. The smoke portrait came from a photoshop tutorial I did a while back. I wanted to try [...]

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Cleo Nov. 2011

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Cleo is 6-1/2 months old now - 22 inches tall (to her shoulder) and 46lbs. She was spayed and microchipped at the beginning of November. [...]

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About Cleo at 4-1/2 months

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Here are some more pics of Cleo. She’s looking a little more like a shepherd than a husky now. In these pics she probably weighs between 30 and 35 pounds and is about 19-20″ tall at her shoulder. There is a bit of a learning curve on taking pictures of a light-colored dog. I’ve been used to a black cat or a black and tan dog. Many of these pics look over-exposed and the white color is actually more of a light tan right now. Her coat colors change almost daily so who knows what she’s going to look like when it’s done. In any case, I hope I learn to get a good pic of her someday. Or figure out how to fix it in photoshop. I don’t have any pics from July 26 to Sept 1 due the Second Fresca Incident where Cleo knocked a full glass of fresca into my laptop and bricked it. I hope to recover them from the harddrive if it’s viable. […]

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Puppy Post #2

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The puppy is doing well, though still nameless. I’m kind of leaning towards Cleo. She has the most amazing eyeliner thing going on and reminds me of Cleopatra. She’s a pretty good dog so far. I don’t know if she’s house trained yet because I take her outside to her “spot” often enough. That’s not to say she hasn’t had an accident or two in the house, but she mostly goes outside. She did knock a fresca into my laptop keyboard – totally my fault. I forgot dogs do that. In 10 years Joe only knocked over one plant and maybe one or two drinks, though it could be none. They weren’t memorable, if they even occurred. Anyway, many keys on the laptop are now out of order and one of them is the power button. After some first aid, I got the laptop running with the docking station. It took me a day to remember I even had the docking station but I sure am glad I have it now! […]

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