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I saw these weird looking mergansers on the lake...they were 'weird' because they were just too small and quick, but from a distance, that's what [...]

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First Ducks!

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After a winter that was far too long, snowy and cold, the ducks were the first water birds to arrive on the lake. There's just [...]

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Like chickens in a barnyard

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There were a lot of ruffed grouse skulking around the hillside where Cleo and I walk this year. They never fail to freak [...]

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Birds of a Feather?

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There was an eagle perched on the "cormorant stick" on Friday. I was lucky to have a loon photobomb the eagle

Signs of Winter

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I can tell winter's coming. It's not the snow. Or the single digit temps at night. It's the squirrels scrambling for acorns which usually starts in September. The timing and desperation in their gathering usually indicates when winter will start.

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Random pics from early July 2011

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Foster dog, moose boneyard, some baby geese and a butterfly (moth?) feeding on goose poop.

Wildflower and Bird Identification

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Really good link for identifying wildflowers, trees or birds

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The lake has receded a bit so the Cormorant Stick is exposed again. The cormorant is back and, in these pics, pays homage to the [...]

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