Lupine, Asian Lady Beetles And Other October Stuff

October Lupine

This is something you don’t see every October.

The lake level has been lowered for the fall which creates a nice ‘beach’ where Cleo and I go for our walks. It’s rocky in some sections and can be tricky to navigate but it’s considerably safer during hunting season to walk the shoreline instead of the woods. Cleo and I still wear orange vests plus an orange hat for me and a bear bell for Cleo, not so much for the bears as for the hunters. There is no oversight by the wildlife police out here and it seems that a lot of hunters tend to not follow the rules. I hope that if Cleo jingles as she walks, they won’t shoot her.

Last week we came across these lupine – there’s only 4 of them but that’s a lot for October, considering I’ve never seen them in October before.

Another October oddity: yesterday it hit 84 degrees for a bit and the asian lady beetles came out. By the thousands. Some were attempting to winter in the crack around the sliding door and when I opened it to go outside about 80-100 (more?) fell on my head. I know that probably sounds like an exaggeration. It’s not.

Between the beetles and the cluster flies, it’s like a Stephen King novel out there. Though the beetles do bite, they aren’t as bad as the skeeters and black flies. I wish all these bugs would happen at the same time and go away at the same time so there could be just one section of time when going outside isn’t “character-building”.

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